The Easy Button of IT


We bring affordable corporate style IT services to residential clients and small businesses in the Louisville and surrounding areas.

We provide a wide range of technical services and training with a superior level of customer service. Our goal is to provide a high level of professionalism and we strive to minimize downtime to get you back to work.

Who We Are:

Since our start in 2003, Best Deal Consulting, LLC has assisted dozens of clients in the Louisville area with IT solutions, training, and expert advice. We have provided hardware and software solutions for a variety of problems. As a consulting organization, we work mostly on a fee for service basis. Our certified staff is highly qualified and dedicated to meeting your needs.

What We Do:

We provide services for all of your IT needs; everything from break/fix work to backups to security, planning, training, and system upgrades.

We are cost effective, provide provide excellent customer service, and strive to keep technology solutions simple. We are just a point and click or email away from relieving your IT headaches.

We Strive to:

  1. Provide the service and support our customers need. We promise not to over sell or under deliver.
  2. Understand your business needs before we find a technical solution.
  3. charge reasonable prices for quality IT work.