Who We Are

Our company has focused on integrity, professionalism, quality, and price for more than 15 years. We are an independent leader in delivering professional IT solutions in various industries. Our innovative solutions add value throughout the life cycle of our clients products and services.

Our consultants provide high quality, timely, and value-added services to our clients. Our company succeeds because we are honest with our customers, suppliers, and employees.

Our Core Purpose

To make technology simple and stress free so people can have more productive lives.

Our Core Philosophies

1. Solutions that don’t make dollars or save time don’t make sense.

Too often IT providers sell you canned solutions that help their bottom line… and make them more money. We see this with preferred hardware/software providers. Customers are sold on the idea that they are getting a great deal from a company that only sells X or Y technology. The question is, are they passing on the cost savings to you or taking the extra profit?

As a services and solution provider, we pass through hardware costs and only charge fees on solutions and services. This helps our staff choose the correct solution, not the vendor that has the best deal for resellers.

2. Our technology solutions must pass though Occam’s razor before implementation.

Often technology solutions have much more complexity than necessary.  In any solution we implement, we run our solution through Occam’s razor to ensure we are not adding unneeded complexity.  

3. We only accept work we can handle.

We stay true to our focus on residential, home, and small business customers. If the project is something we can’t deliver on we will recommend another company that can help support your needs. The focus is always to get customers the support they need, either by us or another provider.