Home Networking and Wireless Setup

Our technicians can set up wired and wireless home networks, ensuring that they provide optimal performance, reliability, and security. We can also configure a variety of resources to be shared over the home network, including Internet connections, data storage, digital media, game systems, and printers

Multimedia Solutions

Network systems and multimedia content has become more complex than ever. Let our technicians connect your wired home. We support everything from complex video systems, to Network Attached Storage (NAS) to streaming services, game systems, and much more! We can provide best practice recommendations and make everything connected.

Data Backup Systems

As our lives become increasingly electronic, it is common to find volumes of important personal data stored on home computers. This can include irreplaceable photo albums, music libraries, e-mail messages, and financial information, to name a few. We have the expertise needed to analyze your backup needs and engineer a cost-effective way to protect your data.

Anti-Virus and Malware Solutions

Malware such as viruses and spyware can extract personal information or seriously damage personal computers. Having the right mix of preventative measures and removal tools can help ensure that you are safe from Internet threats. Our technicians help ensure that you have sufficient protections in place and that everything is kept up-to-date.

PC/Laptop Performance Tuning

As time passes, a variety of applications usually find their way onto personal computers. Some are forgotten, removed, or simply don’t function properly. Staying on top of such applications, and the fragments that they scatter throughout the operating system, is an important element to maintaining a PC’s performance. Keeping the operating system and applications up to date and optimally configured is also vital. By addressing these tasks, we can help breathe new life into your PC without requiring the purchase of additional hardware or software. We offer Support for Windows, MAC and even Linux!

Hardware Repair

No matter the level of preparation, applications can crash and components can fail. We have enough resources available to troubleshoot and resolve problems with personal computers and home networks. On-site, off-site, or phone support is available depending on your preference and the nature of the problem.

Personalized Training

Few would argue that personal computers are an incredible productivity tool. However, the complexity of modern systems makes it difficult to know where to get started. Our Certified staff can provide personalized, on-site training to help ensure that you make the most out of your computer equipment.